SIMULATION is a world leader in the provision of live fire training facilities.

The company is specialized in the supply of live fire training simulators for Civil Aircraft, Local Authority, Industrial, Military, Maritime, Oil and Gas. Our goal is to design, and build a customised simulator that is developed through a partnership arrangement to ensure an optimum solution for the training of personnel at the customer’s facility. SIMULATION´s dedicated, qualified and experienced team accomplishes turnkey solutions through a close collaboration with our customers, innovative concepts, outstanding quality of products and services. 

We provide a range of simulator solutions to help you train for every fire-related eventuality – from tailor-made hot fire training simulators to ongoing maintenance and aftercare.

Our service is conducted by dedicated, specialist technicians, who are able to provide rapid on-site maintenance for your new or existing simulator, full midlife upgrades and refurbishments designed to keep your current system up to scratch, environmental upgrades to ensure you meet all the latest rules and regulations and a fast, reliable, highly responsive call-out service whether you opt for a planned maintenance package or you need us in an emergency. We don’t just build simulators, we provide a specialist maintenance and aftercare service too. Best of all, we’re happy to deliver that service for your existing simulator and facilities. Therefore, life cycle business is an important part within our business.

Our job is to ensure that our customers get the most from their simulator, regardless of whether we built it or not. In every project SIMULATION undertakes, one of the first requirements is to understand the site location and how the local conditions will effect the operation and lifespan of the rig. Our design team conducts a site visit before design work begins to ensure all local issues are taken into account in the design phase so as to ensure the simulator can operate safely and reliably over its life and also extend its lifespan as much as possible. We aim to keep close contact with our client throughout the whole project and after installation with full services, including maintenance and technical advice.