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Flashover Simulators

Flashovers are a common and deadly occurrence in the growth phase of a structure fire, yet they are difficult to detect without the correct training.  Learning the tell-tale signs and learning the techniques to prevent a flashover are critical skills a firefighter needs to learn in order to stay alive and/or prevent injury.  Whether you choose our Standard, Heavy-Duty, or Mobile version, Simulation’s Flashover training units offer the most realistic and controllable flashover training evolutions available on the market today.

All of our models are built to exacting engineering and performance standards.  Using a proprietary system of baffles, vents, and louvres the training officer is able to control the intensity of the Class “A” fire inside the unit so that the students can witness the different fire phases in a controlled manner.  The sturdy construction of the fire box area which is lined with specially designed heat shielding panels creates a combined effect of redirecting heat back into the burn area, while at the same time protecting the flashover unit structure.  Other features such as heat resistant pavers, water drainage system, and electronic heat monitoring add to the world class unit’s performance, durability, and safety.  

Standard Model

Our Standard model is designed from the use of two ISO Corten shipping containers that have been modified for flashover training use.  There is a 10’ long container that is used as a fire box area that is attached in an elevated position in relation to a 20’ long container that is used as an observation are.  This economical solution utilizes the same advanced features in all of our flashover units including the baffles, louvres, vents, temperature monitoring, and all other safety components.

Heavy-Duty Model

Our Heavy-Duty model is a special proprietary design that is built from the ground up utilizing 4 gauge (6mm) steel plates that are profiled and welded together.  This construction is 3 TIMES THICKER than the standard 2mm thick walls found in ISO Corten containers.  This option offers our customers the ability to purchase a flashover unit that will last many years longer and will stand up to the continual use and abuse imposed by the firefighters.  In addition to the outer skin, the interior firebox of the heavy-duty model is also constructed of an additional layer of 4 gauge (6mm) steel, further prolonging the life and durability of the unit.  As with all of our flashover simulators, the heavy-duty version utilizes the same advanced features including the baffles, louvres, vents, temperature monitoring, and all other safety components.

Mobile Model

Our Mobile Model gives our customers the same design features described for the Standard Model, however the unit is integrated into a 30’ heavy duty trailer which can be towed by any heavy-duty pickup truck or tow vehicle.  These flashover trailer units are ideal for departments that have multiple training sites, or those organizations that are interested in renting out their units as a source of revenue for their departments.

Your advantages:

  • Three versions available
  • Easy set-up on pre-leveled site for fixed units.
  • Proprietary baffle and louvre system
  • Temperature monitor system for safety of occupants
  • Engineered for performance and longevity
  • Heavy duty hinges, latches, and openers
  • Hinged hoseline cut-outs in doors
  • Easy loading doors in for Class A burn materials in burn box
  • Optional pre-loading of Class A burn materials for initial burns
  • State certified training instructors for initial training sessions
  • Customized paint and signage options
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Best service and support team in the industry


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Steve Fahey

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