Already a plan for the future? Are you interested in technology? Start your future with us now!

A top apprenticeship in an international company awaits you. With targeted training and qualification measures, we offer young people who have successfully completed their training an interesting career perspective. An exciting, comprehensive and practice-oriented apprenticeship awaits you.


Our apprenticeships at a glance:

In addition, we offer the possibility of the Dual Academy with a focus on mechatronics in our company. 

What we offer you in the course of your apprenticeship

  • Extensive training with a pleasant working atmosphere
  • Getting to know different areas in our company
  • Active participation in projects and implementation of own projects
  • Individual care and support - no mass education programms
  • Possibility for apprenticeship with A-level
  • Long-term prospects

Our apprentice trainers will support you during the entire training and will always have an open ear for you. Vocational school always takes place in a blocked manner during our training courses and we take over any boarding school costs incurred for you. We take on about 99% of our apprentices after successful completion of their training and also offer long-term prospects and development opportunities.

Those who perform well during their apprenticeship are strongly encouraged by us and rewarded with recognition and, above all, excellent career opportunities!


Get to know us at a trial appointment and apply to us. Discover your talent with us.

If you would like to get to know our company and your dream apprenticeship in advance, you can register with us to try it out (practical days,...). Call us directly or write us a message at so that we can make an appointment.

When you get a taste of what we have to offer, you have the opportunity to get to know our training program up close and immerse yourself in the action. In that way you can quickly find out which apprenticeship really suits you. With us you can gain a first insight into the fields of activity of the following apprenticeships:

  • Mechatronics 
  • mechanical engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • Office clerk

At numerous career fairs you can find out about apprenticeship training directly from our apprentices.


Our application process

If you have applied for a technical apprenticeship, you will be invited to try it out. You will then have to take a test for which you have 60 minutes to complete.

Two to three weeks after the test we can give you feedback on your performance. If you score well, you and your parents will be invited for an interview. We will then decide whether we can offer you an apprenticeship and whether you can start your training with us in autumn.

If you have applied for a commercial apprenticeship, you will be invited to an initial interview and a taste of what AMT has to offer in the future. After another interview, together with your parents, the final decision will be made.