Alpine Metal Tech is a world leading supplier of machines and systems to support aluminium wheel production, from handling, marking, machining, and measurement to testing.

In close cooperation with the automotive industry and the leading vehicle wheel manufacturers, Alpine Metal Tech has developed an extensive repertoire of measuring and testing systems that guarantee the quality and safety of the finished products. Top quality equipment optimizes the aluminium wheel manufacturing process and creates conditions for stable and efficient production with the lowest reject rates and highest product quality in the industry. Aluminium wheel producers benefit from automated production processes, improved quality control, and minimized investment costs.

During the manufacture of aluminium wheels, a special cast parts coding process developed by Alpine Metal Tech is employed to automatically guide the unfinished parts through the entire finishing process and direct them to the various processing operations. New laser measuring techniques further increase productivity. Our expertise in measuring cast parts has been successfully adapted for the measurement of engine parts and will soon be used industry-wide.