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H-Block Simulator

The Simulation H-Block fire trainer is recognized as being the ultimate single story fire training unit available in the world.  Designed to offer a multitude of different training scenarios, the H-Block is ideal for departments or organizations wanting to give their firefighters the highest level of training and realism.

Designed to exacting engineering and performance standards, the H-Block was developed to allow multiple aspects of fire training to occur in a single, yet compact unit.  In each H-Block, the following real-life training can be conducted:

  • Flashovers
  • Backdrafts
  • Single Fire Suppression Scenarios
  • Multiple Fire Suppression Scenarios
  • Ventilation
  • Mazes
  • Search and Rescue
  • Confined Space

All of the fire evolutions are conducted with Class “A” burn materials.  The unit is constructed utilizing 4 gauge (6mm) steel plates that are profiled and welded together.  This is THREE TIMES thicker than the steel found on standard ISO Corten shipping containers, which are often used by the fire industry for training.  This heavy duty construction is required, particularly for the intense backdraft and flashover training evolutions. The specially designed burn zones are also lined with additional 4 gauge plating to ensure many years of operational life.

In addition, there are loading devices and carriers included which enable the moving of class A materials as well as maze and confined space components.  Digital data logging of the temperature also takes place over 8 separate zones in order to maintain firefighter safety and post evolution heat and fire spread analysis.

There is simply no better single story training unit available.

Your advantages:

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Additional protection in fire burn areas
  • Proprietary baffle and louvre system for flashover and backdrafts
  • Reconfigurable maze/obstacle areas
  • Temperature monitor system for safety of occupants
  • Hinged hoseline cut-outs in doors
  • Easy loading doors in for Class A burn materials in burn box
  • Weather proofing design
  • State certified training instructors for initial training sessions
  • Customized paint and signage options
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Best service and support team in the industry


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Steve Fahey

Steve Fahey

Managing Director AMT UK (SIMULATION) Require information