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Military Aircraft Simulators

SIMULATION’s Military Aircraft Simulators provide realistic live fire training for any fixed wing or rotor craft model utilized by militaries throughout the world. From fighter jets, to transport planes, from attack helicopters, to tilt rotors, our exacting engineering and design elements replicate the sizes and dimensions of the real-world aircraft, which enable firefighting and rescue crews to be prepared and trained to the highest level possible.  Smaller models such as fighter jets are also available in mobile versions.

Details such as door heights, door functions, seat pitches, cockpit layout, cargo compartments, ramps, hoists, engine locations, and fuselage are in the same places that would be encountered in a real aircraft.  Weapons and munitions found on military aircraft can also be integrated into the simulator in order to train on emergencies simulating live ordinance.  In addition, special cargo considerations can be added to replicate some of the specialized threats and dangers experienced in military aircraft.  Elements of multiple aircraft models can also be included in a single simulator, such as combining a C-130 with a C-17 for example.

Fixed Versions

Immersed into the incredibly realistic military simulators are the options for a multitude of different live fire scenarios both internally and externally such as fires in the seats, cockpit, cargo area, engines, wings, fuselage, landing gear, batteries, ground fuel spill fires, or any other specific area where a customer wants to train.  Multiple aircraft can be added to a single site to either replicate individual scenarios or a collision.  For example a C-5 may be adjacent to an F-18, creating large scale training evolutions where many aspects have to be considered including large fuel/fire loads, weapons considerations, mass casualty, and cargo hazards.  We work extensively with our military customers to create live fire training simulation that is second to none.

In addition, all of this is brought together with a state-of-the-art PLC computer control system utilizing the most advanced wireless full color control devices.  This enables the instructors to have complete control over the scenario while at the same time being able to physically direct the firefighters and rescue personnel in correct tactics and procedures.  In addition, a remote diagnostic function enables Simulation to provide 24/7 support and backup.

Mobile Versions

For some of the smaller military live fire simulators, such as fighter aircraft and attack helicopters, the option is available to have a mobile version.  Supplied on a custom-built trailer that includes the LPG tanks, power supply, and ancillary equipment, most mobile simulators can be towed to any location with a heavy-duty pickup truck.   Dependent on model, the prop is either hoisted or wheeled off the trailer, the gas hoses and electrical cable hooked up, test-fired and safety checked - all in about 40 minutes! While there are limits to the number of fires and limitations to the use of LPG only, mobile simulators can offer a large range of fire scenarios and rescue training - all with the benefit of being able to be relocated to various training sites.

Your advantages:

  • Completely Customizable
  • Long List of Options 
  • Hybrid Design Based on Multiple Aircraft Types
  • Heavy Gauge Steel for Long Life
  • Realistic Dimensions of Simulator and Components
  • Cold Weather Operation Ability
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Electronic Ignition 
  • Flame Failure Safety Devices
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Synthetic Smoke System
  • Temperature Monitoring 
  • Remote Diagnostic Control Systems
  • Data Logging System
  • Mobile options


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