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SN Single Nozzle Paint Marker

The Single Nozzle Paint Marking Machine is designed for marking of coils, slabs, blooms and billets.

The system is based on paint marking with single-nozzle marking heads. The complete equipment is manufactured using standardised modules, which results in high reliability and low maintenance of equipment and specially selected electrical and mechanical parts that are designed, well tested and proven to function in heavy industries.

The marking unit case as housing and heat protection for the marking system is mounted either on a multi-axis machine or on a robot. In addition to the marking system, the marking housing contains a descaling unit to remove loose scale from the marking surface. The descaling unit is also used to detect the product. The paint will be transported through hoses from the paint cabinet to the paint nozzle. The writing movement is then carried out and the paint is sprayed through a nozzle on the material to generating clearly visible characters.

Your advantages:

  • High visibility - Large characters offer a high visibility even for the crane operator.

  • Automated cleaning sequences reduce maintenance requirement

  • Continuous line characters advantageous on rough surfaces

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Markus Sternbauer

Markus Sternbauer

Head of Business Unit Steel

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