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AMT Eco Clean

The AMT Eco Clean is a fully automated paint filter flushing unit which detects irregularities in the paint lines and interacts with cleaning cycles before any blockages of the paint filter occurs.

An integrated paint flow control unit reacts on filter pollutions and flushes the filter automatically as soon as the ongoing marking job is finished. The smart cleaning procedure reduces the waste of consumables and human interaction to a minimum level. 

The polluted filter content is directed into a closed waste container which avoids paint contamination of the surrounding area and enables an eco-friendly transport and disposal of the drained chemicals.

The clever design of the AMT Eco Clean is selectable as an option for all Alpine Metal Tech water-based paint systems but can also be integrated as an add-on to existing water-based paint systems.

Your advantages:

  • Predictive maintenance
    By detecting any deviating flow rate in the paint system, AMT Eco Clean is processing without human interaction. 
    The operator is immediately notified by the system in case of major contamination to force a maintenance interaction if needed.

  • Eco-friendly
    Environmentally friendly and clean collection, transport and disposal of chemicals due to closed draining system to chemical waste containers which prevents paint contamination of the surrounding area. The filter can be emptied automatically before a manual filter exchange.

  • Cost savings
    Due to the intelligent flushing process the waste of consumables as also manpower for maintenance interaction is reduced to a minimum level.
    Filter flushing cycles during a maintenance stop can be activated by pressing a button only instead of manually switching different ball valves in the correct order. This can prevent incorrect operation in manual maintenance.


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Markus Beer

Markus Beer

Product Manager – Marking Technologies – Plate & Coil Production - Steel information