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MD825 - Wheel Design Recognition

The NUMTEC MD825 is a fully automatic design recognition system for aluminum wheels. After machining, the wheels are uniquely assigned to one wheel type.

In the production of aluminum wheels, the automatic recognition and differentiation of different wheel types is one of the most important prerequisites of an automated production process. This identification task has become more demanding in recent years. On the one hand, the difference between the various wheel types has become smaller and smaller (e.g. identical design and size, only different A-value); on the other hand, more and more wheel models are produced simultaneously. These criteria increase the complexity of automation and require ever better and more reliable recognition systems. The NUMTEC MD825 camera system was developed and optimized especially for these requirements. With the available options, the system no longer works exclusively with the design characteristics of the wheels. In addition, wheel parameters such as bolt hole, wheel height, wheel diameter and other characteristics are used to distinguish reliably even between very similar wheel types. The software was developed completely by Alpine Metal Tech and can therefore be quickly and easily expanded to meet specific customer requirements. The use of 3-D geometry characteristics in combination with image data results in robust, fast and reliable recognition and is largely insensitive to surface changes of the wheels. The standardized interface, with all established industrial interfaces (Profibus, Profinet, EtherNet/IP), enables fast integration into the production line.

Your advantages:

  • High level of reliability: The NUMTEC software with the 3D model comparison guarantees a very high level of reliability of the system and offers many extension possibilities.
  • Industrial hardware: All components used comply with industrial standards. High-performance industrial PCs and cameras of protection class IP67 are used.
  • Database: All wheel information is stored in a database. If several MD825 stations are networked, data can easily be transferred to other stations without having to teach the wheels in again.
  • Ready-to-use machine: All machine components are integrated into the housing. All mechanical and electrical components are installed and tested before delivery.


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Josef Polzinger

Josef Polzinger

Sales Manager Automotive

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