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SVE - Slab Vertical Torch Cutting Machine

GEGA strand torch cutting machines for slabs convince with high cutting quality results as well as a solid and reliable design. The SVE type is particularly suitable for cross-cutting of slabs with significant variations of product thickness in continuous casting plants. Because of the special mechanical system, there is no need for a torch height adjustment system with complex mechanics, motors, end switches etc.

The torch cutting machine is lowered to the strand by an electrical drive providing a single and simple movement by pushing down the synchronisation skid against the slab. After synchronisation the machine is driving synchronously with the strand. During this movement, the cross-cutting is carried out by heavy-duty cutting torches. After cross-cutting, the machine is lifted and travelled back against the casting direction to its home position. After receiving the signal from the length measuring (measuring roll), the next cutting cycle starts.

The SVE torch cutting machine is designed with a high efficiency water cooling equipment allowing the standard operation of the machine for Slab temperatures up to 1100°C.

Your advantages:

  • Wide range of product thicknesses
  • Nozzle distance preset only once for different product thicknesses
  • No electrical height adjustment device is needed thereby allowing trouble-free operation of the machine and lower maintenance
  • Highly improved cutting quality based on the constant nozzle distance
  • Highest quality standard (ISO, CE)
  • Long lifetime
  • Sophisticated ergonomics
  • High safety standards (according to EN14753)


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