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SM Shroud Manipulator

The Shroud Manipulator is built to achieve an easy handling of the shroud. It enables the user to get a straight connection between the ladle slide gate and tundish. 

For this purpose a ladle shroud which is flushed with argon is located between the tundish and the ladle gate with the manipulator. This in return improves the steel quality and prevents reoxidation.

The Shroud Manipulator is designed for moving the ladle shrouds from the storage, cleaning or heating position to the connection point at ladle gate and versa. Furthermore, the Shroud Manipulator retains the shroud with a constant press-on force at the connection point of the ladle during casting process.The complete equipment is manufactured using standardised modules, which results in high reliability and low maintenance of equipment and specially selected electrical and mechanical parts that are designed, well tested and proven to function in heavy industries.

The Shroud Manipulator is available as manual type (controlled by the operator, manipulator forward/backward and manipulator swivelling) and as semi-automatic type (controlled by frequency controlled electric motors). The lifting movement of the shroud is driven by a hydraulic cylinder.

Your advantages:

  • Minimisation of damage: Shroud Manipulator equipment minimises damage to shroud and slide gate and prevents reoxidation, resulting in a favourable return on your investment.
  • High security: Emergency systems to prevent the Shroud Manipulator from damage and to retain the press on force of the shroud against the ladle gate in case of energy supply interruption. Remote controlled operation without entering into the hazard area, increased safety at work.
  • Quality improvement: Controlled guidance of liquid steel from ladle into tundish improves steel quality and operator safety.


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