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RH Revolving Head Marker

One of Alpine Metal Tech’s flagship products is the Revolving Head Stamping Machine, designed for permanent marking of slabs, blooms, and billets in harsh steel plant environments.


The equipment is manufactured using standardized modules that result in high reliability, low maintenance, and low running costs. Stamping energy is generated by using pneumatic impact cylinders. The Machine is capable of stamping unmistakable and full characters that can vary in size and number of lines, depending on individual customer requirements. An optional clamping unit fixes the product and keeps it in position during stamping. The Revolving Head Stamping Machine is a reliable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective solution for steel plants looking for permanent and undestroyable marking on their products.


The marking unit case is used as housing and heat protection for motors, cylinders and other subassemblies. Maintenance flaps are provided on both sides of the marking unit case for better accessibility during maintenance or repair. The contact flap, mounted at the case front side, acts as product detection unit as the machine moves forward towards the product. The stamps are carried by the revolving head disc. As the revolving head rotates, it positions the stamp for stamping. Once in position the pneumatic punch cylinder is activated which pushes the stamp towards the product penetrating the surface and generating a permanent unmistakable mark.


Your advantages:

  • Long durability, permanent and undestroyable marking 

  • Unmistakable and full characters

  • Low running costs - OPEX friendly, no consumables, low maintenance requirements

  • High legibility with human eye due to unmistakable character design


Contact person

Markus Sternbauer

Markus Sternbauer

Head of Business Unit Steel

markus.sternbauer@alpinemetaltech.comRequire information