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Reading Systems

Alpine Metal Tech and its Vision Software Team has been able to develop specific ready solutions especially on products or surroundings where standard of the shelf systems get to their limits.

Barcode reading on labels with perfect contrast can be done with any kind of available reader but on casted parts where no label can be applied and the barcode is directly casted on the part then Alpine Metal Tech is the right partner to supply special reading technology to ensure highest performance.
Beside barcode reading Alpine Metal Tech has also been able to develop OCR reading systems. By using own software know how, reading systems even can reengineer damaged or partly lost markings and gain highest reading rates.
Beside software, laser and camera know-how a big influence for successful reading systems is coming from perfect lightening systems adopted on each unique product. Alpine Metal Tech as a nameable special machine builder is able to use full in-house knowledge of mechanical and electrical design engineering to get light also into darkest product areas.
Of course, if the marking and the product have no special requirements, especially for example in random production lines to identify the arriving part Alpine Metal Tech can supply and integrate a wide range of standard reading systems.

Your advantages:

  • Marking and reading systems from one source → perfect match
  • Specific software and hardware solutions for unique parts to achieve highest reading rates
  • Data handling and storing according customer needs
  • Off the shelf and special reading solution know-how


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Manuel Stix

Manuel Stix

Head of Business Unit Advanced Technology

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