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MP - Metal Powder Marker

The Metal Powder Marking was developed to apply clearly visible and long lasting characters, readable from far distance.

By using aluminium oxide powder, product temperature up to 1100°C can be marked without fading. Marking is performed by blowing metal powder through a gas flame for melting it to the surface of the product. 

The marking unit case as housing and heat protection for the marking system is mounted either on a multi-axis machine or on a robot. In addition to the marking system, the marking housing contains a descaling unit to remove loose scale from the marking surface. The descaling unit is also used to detect the product. The marking head is ignited via an external ignition and the powder is transported from the powder container to the marking head. The writing movement is then carried out and the marking powder is melting to the material to generating clearly visible characters.

Your advantages:

  • High application temperature - up to 1100 °C without fading

  • Large and clear characters offer a high visibility even for crane operators.

  • Long-lasting marking and therefore high traceability

  • Automated cleaning sequences reduce maintenance requirements


Contact person

Markus Sternbauer

Markus Sternbauer

Head of Business Unit Steel

markus.sternbauer@alpinemetaltech.comRequire information