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Marking Systems

Alpine Metal Tech GmbH has developed a wide range of marking systems over the last decades. To cover different requirements of customers and their products, different technologies are available. 

Special pneumatic needle marking systems for OCR marking on different materials ensure permanent markings to guarantee full traceability till end of life of your product.
Laser marking systems have their strength in very short cycle times and precise marking quality. This technology is a perfect choice to apply Data Matrix Codes on any kind of product. Data Matrix Codes are able to store big information on comparable small surface spaces at high redundancy. Due to precise marking by laser, these codes are easily readable through the whole production process. Beside Data Matrix Code marking, laser marking units are also able to generate OCR marking and logo marking.
Another possibility to apply texts, DMC or company logos on products is to apply labels which carry all required information. The size of the marking affects the cycle time only with low impact. Additionally, the marking shows the highest possible contrast and the marking surface is perfect – so the precision of marking and the readability is on the highest level.
According to each individual requirement we supply standard and well-known marking systems from the market and combine them with Alpine Metal Tech automation know-how or, if available systems are not suitable, we develop customized marking solutions.

Your advantages:

  • Common marking technologies from one hand guarantee best marking method for your unique product
  • Combination of machine building know-how and using available technology from the market ensure best economical solutions
  • Special marking solutions if available technology is not enough
  • Data handling, data storage and interfaces are our business
  • Full integration of marking and reading systems into automated turnkey solutions


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Manuel Stix

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