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HP - Heavy Punch Marking

The needle punch marking machines are developed for to apply permanent markings to slabs and blooms at product temperatures up to 1100°C.

The adjustable punch force allows to mark at consistent penetration depth on various steel grades. The heavy punch marking section consists of 8 hard metal needles. The marking image is applied in one linear stroke generating matrix font characters with adjustable heights. Typically ID numbers, plain text markings of different character sizes and also 2D datamatrix codes are applied.
As the exhaust air of the marking head is used for internal cooling of the marking head, an additional cooling is not required.


The marking unit case as housing and heat protection for the marking system is mounted either on a multi-axis machine or on a robot. In addition to the marking system, the marking housing contains touching rolls and a pressure accumulator. The marking unit with the touching rolls is pressed against the product and the marking movement is started. During marking, electrical signals are sent to the punchers of the marking head, the high timing accuracy and the high penetration force ensures consistent high quality marking. 

Your advantages:

  • Low running costs - Punch pins can be resharpened
  • Permanent marking even for hard steel grades
  • Easy punch pin exchange during short stops


Contact person

Markus Sternbauer

Markus Sternbauer

Head of Business Unit Steel

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