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DB Deburrer

To produce conventional “semi-finished” goods like slabs, blooms or billets, the endless material produced by continuous strand casting processes needs to be cut by gas driven torch cutting machines. A waste by-product of this process is known as “burr” or “beard” which adhere to the product underside at the cutting surfaces.

Alpine Metal Tech offers its well known deburring equipment to avoid considerable defects on downstream rollers and to increase the quality of rolled products. Typically the machines are installed inline at the caster runout section to perform deburring at roller table speed during conveyance of the products. Burrs are removed through rotary motion and hammer impact on the product underside. Alpine Metal Tech designs its machines to withstand harsh environments in steel mills and develops standardized modules to guarantee high reliability and low maintenance work. Our deburring machines generate considerable added value for our customers in terms of decreased maintenance costs and increased product quality.

Alpine Metal Tech supplies two different machine types for slab and billet/bloom production for continuous casting processes. Main machine objective for both types is to increase rolled product quality due to burr roll-in prevention. An important side effect is that also damage/wear to roller table rolls, to reheating furnaces and to rolling mill equipment is significantly decreased.

Your advantages:

  • Low operational costs compared to high savings potential
  • Inline machine operation and no cycle time extension
  • Burr material can be fed back to the steel production process
  • Significant quality improvement
  • Damage minimization to downstream equipment


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Markus Sternbauer

Markus Sternbauer

Head of Business Unit Steel

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