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AMTident Product Identification

With AMTident Alpine Metal Tech provides a system for product identification whose objective is to ensure production efficiency and to close data gaps in highly automated production processes. 

AMTident is developed to meet the demand of reading product ID’s independent from product, marking technology and environmental conditions. In order to provide highest identification rates, AMTident utilises a wide spectrum of industrial vision technology like CCD and  infrared cameras, laser scanners and corresponding illumination equipment to ensure a stable lighting and acquisition scenery. 

To achieve unequaled identification rates throughout a complex product range, diverse harsh environmental conditions and low contrast surfaces, AMTident can be delivered in three main versions, which are customized to appropriate site conditions:


  • AMTident VIS: Industrial cameras and high power flashes to handle challenging identification tasks
  • AMTident 3D: Laser based 3D depth data used for character recognition 
  • AMTident IR: Infrared cameras used to read product IDs at hot products with low contrast markings

AMTident consists of two core elements, the sensor technology and the processing software. Interfaces to field level devices or to higher level control systems are customized according to project requirements. Common communication standards are used to receive and send data packages such as TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Profibus or Profinet protocols. AMTident is a windows-based software which receives images and data from selected sensors and cameras to recognize and read 1D/2D codes, letters, numbers, and special characters.

The easy to use interface provides live information and process visualisation to assist operators and line managers. Images and corresponding product data are stored for backtracking purposes and can easily be accessed for direct production feedback and analysis.

The data driven software approach of AMTident allows to generate production performance figures (KPIs) to identify continuous process improvement potentials. Due to numerous filters analyzation can easily be customized and data exported accordingly.

Your advantages:

  • Marking performance assessment to stabilize marking results at highest level
  • Closed data gap - product tracking over the whole production process
  • Live process visualization
  • Data driven analysis (KPIs)
  • Cost and environmental savings - no unnecessary material handling and process steps


Contact person

Markus Sternbauer

Markus Sternbauer

Head of Business Unit Steel

markus.sternbauer@alpinemetaltech.comRequire information