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ADoC - Automated Deburring of Castings

Flexible Alpine Metal Tech robot deburring cells remove flashes and burrs on casted parts fully automated. 

Casted aluminum parts especially for the automotive industry require high surface quality. Casting burrs, machining flashes or sharp edges are not acceptable at many applications. Alpine Metal Tech with its decades of experience in robot automation, part handling, surface inspection and laser measuring is the perfect turnkey partner. From rough sawing of casting sprues, deburring of complex parting lines by using 3-D real-time component measurement up to brushing of CNC machined edges, special turnkey deburring lines for battery housings, motor blocks as well as chassis parts for cars and motorcycles and aluminum wheels are available. Alpine Metal Tech is able to ensure steady deburring results due to combination of 3-D measurement and new calculated robot paths for each part. With our new developed ADoC system (Automated Deburring of Castings) deburring is lifted to a new level.
Fit for use is our challenge – we supply the machining line for each specific requirement. From mono- material production lines with teached deburring contours up to full flexible deburring lines with 3-D real-time component scans including offline teach-in and automatically variating machining parameters – everything is possible.
To develop tailor-made turnkey deburring solutions for aluminum casting parts by using our wide range of in-house developed technology is our strength and your advantage.

Your advantages:

  • Customized deburring lines
  • 100% 3D measurement
  • Combination of automation and measuring technology for precise and repeatable deburring quality
  • Reduction of manual rework and inspection
  • One-stop solution: project management, engineering, programming and installation


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Manuel Stix

Manuel Stix

Head of Business Unit Advanced Technology

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