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ABV300 - Inline sprue drilling machine

The ABV300 was developed for drilling of sprue points on aluminum wheels after the casting process. The result is a powerful high-tech drilling machine that sets new standards in terms of cost-effectiveness and flexibility. 

Compared to punching, drilling out the sprue points allows considerably more freedom in the design and size of the sprue cross-sections. This is an advantage that is becoming more important due to the ever-increasing trend toward larger wheels and thus greater material thicknesses in the hub area. Distortion, deformation and cracking, which can occur when punching out the sprue, are effectively prevented with drilling. Bore diameters of up to 100 mm are possible without problems. In contrast to all machines on the market, the ABV300 is equipped with a fully automatic tool changer. In combination with the integrated wheel detection system, each wheel type is individually machined with the optimum drill diameter for this design. With this adapted diameter, large savings in cycle time can be achieved in the subsequent turning operation. The various attachments and options (minimum quantity lubrication, chip conveyor, exhaust device, etc.) allow individual and optimal adaptation to the different circumstances of the individual production plants.

Your advantages:

  • Inline machine: The ABV300 is installed directly in the conveyor line. The complete loading and unloading of the drilling unit is integrated in the machine. No external manipulator (e.g. robot) is necessary.
  • Low material stress: Compared to punching, drilling causes a much lower material stress in the hub area. Even with large material thicknesses, there is no risk of distortion or cracking in the aluminum.
  • Flexible production: With the built-in wheel detection system and the fully automatic tool changer with integrated 12-disc tool magazine, each wheel can be machined with its optimum drill diameter.
  • Maximum throughput: Maximum production rates are achieved through consistent development for this application. With only one ABV300, more than 5000 wheels/day with different hole diameters can be drilled.
  • Cycle time savings: The bore diameter can be better approximated to the finished hub diameter. This saves valuable cycle time in the turning operations for wheel machining.


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