Dual Academy course with focus on mechatronics

A job with a future for those interested in technology - training after graduating from high school

Duration: 2.5 years
Vocational school: Linz


This training is especially intended for AHS high school graduates who do not immediately aspire to a degree, but also for students without a degree or a career change in order to pave new ways into a professional future for them.

You have successfully completed the AHS or HAK (A-level) and would like to supplement your training with a technical one? Then you have come to the right place. The Dual Academy combines general education and technology, you benefit from a valuable and practice-oriented vocational training and attractive remuneration. With a duration of 2.5 years, you have the opportunity to start your professional life immediately.

You can find more information about the Dual Academy here.

Area of responsibilty

  • Production of mechanical, electrical and electronic components
  • Combining the components into complex systems
  • Commissioning of electrical machines and equipment 
  • Maintenance and servicing of electrical machines and operation-specific equipment
  • Searching, limiting and eliminating malfunctions, defects and errors
  • Assembly of electronic and electrical components



  • Positive A-level degree
  • Interest in programming and automation
  • Craftsmanship and accuracy 
  • Good technical and mathematical understanding 
  • Team and communication skills
  • Logical-analytical thinking and a high degree of willingness to learn


Advantages of the Dual Academy

  • Direct and intra-year career-entry after the AHS-Matura
  • Attractive starting salary
  • Compact duration
  • Learning what you really need


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