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Scarfing manipulator

GEGA scarfing machines convince with high scarfing quality as well as a solid and reliable design. Scarfing machines are intended to remove surface defects like cracks, inclusions and cavities, caused by the casting process, from surfaces of slabs, billets or blooms.

The GEGA scarfing manipulator is a multipurpose scarfing installation. The operator can control the manipulator manually from the air-conditioned cabin and flexibly scarf whole slab surfaces, strips, spots or edges (depending on the mounted auxiliary equipment). The GEGA scarfing manipulator primarily consists of a driven rotary table with cabin, a cantilever arm with scarfing nozzle and the media supply for gas/oxygen, iron powder and hydraulic. The media supply can be carried on-board or mounted stationary next to the machine.

The slab is transported by slab transport car to the scarfing manipulator, which is in an area equipped with a fume exhaust installation. The slab transport car with integrated tilting device tilts the slab to the optimal working angle and the operator can start the scarfing operation. The angle of the slab makes a granulation device unnecessary, since the slag falls into the water-filled canal on its own. After scarfing one side of the slab, the slab is lowered until level and the transport car drives it to the slab-turning device, in order to scarf the other side of the slab. Depending on the facilities, the manipulator has to wait until the slab returns to the scarfing area. A second slab transport car, on the other side of the manipulator, allows continuous work without interruption.

Your advantages:

  • Greatest flexibility
  • High quality of the scarfed surface by means of the specially designed GEGA scarfing nozzle
  • High quality standard – Design according to current safety standards and high quality execution
  • Tailor made solutions – Wide selection of models, customised according to the customer requirements
  • Efficient design – Development focused on economic solutions with high performance level
  • Excellent customer service – Comprehensive product support and services for customers


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