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MARK420 - DMC laser marking

Additionally to the well-known laser marking capability of the MARK420, a second marking option with an engraving needle marking head is available. Therefore, the wheels can be marked in addition to the Data Matrix Code with stamped characters and numbers. This undestroyable character marking will usually be used for proof of X-ray or heat treat process. In the MARK420, this additional needle marking option is now available with low extra cost and only minimal cycle time extension of the complete laser marking process.

Constantly increasing requirements in the automotive industry for the tracking of all work steps carried out make a separate serial number for each component necessary. With the MARK420, unfinished cast wheels are marked fully automatically with a serial number shortly after the casting process. In addition to plain text, the laser technology used also enables Data Matrix Codes for automatic process tracking and control system of all subsequent production steps in wheel manufacturing. The attachment face with the lightening pockets has become the preferred marking position, since these surfaces are available immediately after the casting process and are neither further processed nor painted afterward. The MARK420 has been designed to provide shortest possible delivery times for Data matrix Code marking to the wheel industry. Key for reducing the cycle time is to split wheel recognition and laser marking and execute them in parallel. With the experience from other applications, the MARK420 has been equipped with special features right from the onset, e.g. fine positioning using a camera system and a scanner system for checking and confirming the code that has just been marked. Thus the MARK420 offers a maximum of process safety and reliability. In order to have the entire process chain come from a single source, the CAM220 Data Matrix Code reading system is an ideal camera system from Alpine Metal Tech that was specially optimized for aluminum wheels. In addition, the CAM220 is equipped with additional features such as database connection and automatic intermediate buffering in the event of a network failure, making it ideally suited for implementing a highly accessible and future-proof solution.


OPTION MARK425 - Data Matrix Code marking on already machined wheels:

This new machine version with its integrated camera design recognition system is able to mark already machined wheels. At the implementation of the data matrix code system in existing production plants, there is always the issue coming up what happens with wheels with no code or damaged codes. Exactly for this remarking job, the new MARK425 is the solution. Due to special grippers, the wheels are handled and positioned with care, avoiding any damage to the sensitive finished aluminium surface. Flexibility and productivity are the main focus of the MARK425.

Your advantages:

  • Genuine serial number: Each wheel has a unique number. Continuous tracking from the casting machine up to delivery is guaranteed.
  • Improvement in the production process: Production errors can be narrowed down to each individual wheel and precise production times.
  • Complete system from one single source: Marking machine and reading systems come from one supplier.
  • High level of reliability: Immediate check of the encoding directly after marking to ensure automatic readability.


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