Montana Tech Components AG

Montana Tech Components AG is a technology and innovation-oriented industrial group that focuses on selected key technologies. The market leadership of the Group companies results from ongoing innovation and investments in industries of the future. 

Montana Tech Components was founded by DDr. Michael Tojner in 2006. The long-term goal is to turn the four medium-oriented divisions into "hidden champions" with an industrial growth strategy and with strong management teams for global competition. The stable ownership structure is just one of the factors that support our confidence in our long-term, sustainable strategy for industrial growth.

The holding company is responsible for the strategic, financial and entrepreneurial orientation of the Montana companies. In the process, the Group companies are supported on their planned growth path. The focus of the planned growth in the Montana Group is on organic growth, accompanied by selected acquisitions and ongoing innovation. 

Divisions of Montana Tech Components AG

The companies within Montana Tech Components AG are leading market, technology and innovation leaders engaging in niche markets worldwide. Their markets have long-term growth prospects through sustainable future trends. 


Characteristics of the Montana companies:

  • Global Market Leader: Market and technology leader established for many years
  • Innovation: Innovations open up new opportunities on a solid foundation
  • Vision: Focusing on industries of the future
  • Culture: Team-oriented management

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