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Group Management

CEO Dr. Christian Preslmayr

Dr. Christian Preslmayr
Chief Executive Officer
Alpine Metal Tech Group



CFO Mag. Dietmar Zieher

Mag. Dietmar Zieher
Chief Financial Officer
Alpine Metal Tech Group



Management Team

Alpine Metal Tech Austria (Headquarters)

  • Dr. Christian Preslmayr
  • Mag. Dietmar Zieher

Alpine Metal Tech Germany 

  • Thorsten Quadflieg
  • Michael Kissel

IMT Intermato

  • Claudio Caprioli
  • Giorgio Pedrini

AMT North America

  • Justin Willott

AMT United Kingdom

  • Steve Fahey
  • Byron Mayne

AMT China

  • Dr. Christian Preslmayr
  • Lili Zhang

AMT Brazil

  • Marcelo Oliviera
  • Mariana Rodrigues