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MD380 - Inline 3D Distortion Measurement

Fully integrated 3D laser measurement technology makes it possible to analyze aluminum raw cast wheels directly in the production flow and to incorporate findings directly into the casting process.

The MD380 3D distortion measuring machine creates a complete three-dimensional copy of the design side of a raw casted wheel. The resolution achieved and the associated level of detail provide information about the mold condition or process errors in addition to the possibility of distortion analyses. The brand new MD380 can be used to measure and evaluate deviations in the shape of spokes and detect deformations on the clamping rim. It also checks whether the sprue point has been removed or whether spoke widths have changed unnaturally. These are just a few of the options available with 3D measurement using the MD380. 

The space-saving and low-maintenance inline design makes it possible to retrofit the MD380 into almost any existing production line. Only three conventional straight roller table segments are required. The wheel ID is transferred from the roller table control to the MD380. As soon as the wheel has been fed into the machine, it is centered and the pre-positioned high-resolution line sensor begins the scanning process. Immediately after the scan has been completed, the measured wheel and the following wheel are conveyed in and out in parallel. 

Depending on the required analysis capabilities of the MD380, corresponding evaluations are calculated and graphically processed on one or optionally two measuring computers during the wheel exchange. Customer-specific OK/NOK criteria can be defined to remove rejected wheels directly from the process.


  • Complete 3D analysis of the wheel design: Complete 3D image of the design side can be used individually for analyses: distortion, clamping rim control, spoke deformations, sprue point control

  • Random production: Possible due to wheel-specific measuring programs; no changeover of the machine necessary

  • Trend analysis: Trend analyses of the casting and heat treatment process can be displayed for production monitoring using the data stored in the system.

  • Cost savings and increased capacity: Early ejection of NOK wheels means that no unnecessary work steps are carried out on NOK wheels, freeing up capacity on subsequent machines.



Alexander Thon

Alexander Thon