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Successful commissioning of two INTERMATO CNC vertical lathes


Innenleben CNC Maschine INERMATO
INTERMATO CNC Maschine für Zugrad
CNC Drehmaschine von INTERMATO

Two VLF120 machines for railway wheel production plant plant of Vyksa Steel Works, Russia.

Recently OMK Vyksa chose INTERMATO as the supplier in preference for their new railway wheel production cells. Both CNC vertical lathes are VLF120 machines, including a handling system for loading and unloading. For more than twenty years, INTERMATO (a company of Alpine Metal Tech), with its brand Sirmu-mt, is the specialized manufacturer for advanced railway product lines, characterized by the combination of highest quality, technology and flexibility.

The commissioned CNC cells will be installed in the current customer's wheel plant and include the following advantages:

  • Strict machining tolerances and geometric accuracy
  • Excellent quality of the machined surfaces
  • Complete profiling of new solid wheels
  • INTERMATO Maintenance Operation, completely in-house designed and developed software package, providing an easy-to-use interface for the machine operators
  • Dimensional control of the wheels in process
  • Automatically generated report, containing all processing data of the machine

Furthermore, the CNC vertical lathes are equipped with a wheel handling system which allows not only loading and unloading of the wheel into the machine, but conveys the wheel from the first to the second process step.


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