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Successful commissioning of new marking machine


Single Nozzle Paint Marking Machine
Single Nozzle Paint Marking Machine

The latest version of AMT Single Nozzle Paint Marking Machine for Shagang Group in China was successfully commissioned by Alpine Metal Tech (Taicang) Co., Ltd.

The floor type machine is installed beside the run out roller table. The marking machine is marking 900°C hot slabs on the narrow side for material identification and tracking. Twelve characters with a character size of approx. 100 mm are applied to the product.
The marking paint is transported from the paint cabinet to the marking nozzle and sprayed with an air jet onto the surface to be marked. The marking head performs a writing movement during the marking process. Before marking, the scale resulting from the casting process is removed by a mechanical descaler to achieve a clean surface for marking.

Further advantages of AMT Single Nozzle Paint Marking machine:

  • clear marking image due to continuous writing
  • high flexibility in defining different marking layouts (character height, width)
  • automatic/semi-automatic spraying can be realized
  • paint as marking medium avoids any inclusions in the material and cracks in the further process