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New Aircraft fire training simulator for Airbus UK


Aircraft Fire Simulator by Alpine Metal Tech

Successfull commission of duel fuelled aircraft fire training simulator by Alpine Metal Tech (SIMULATION)

The fire simulator was installed in December 2020 at the Airbus manufacturing site at Hawarden (Chester) Airport in the North West region of the United Kingdom. The airport is owned and operated by Airbus UK and is primarily used by Airbus to transport the wings built for the Airbus fleet in the surrounding factory buildings.


Alpine Metal Tech UK Ltd were selected by Airbus to design and build a new aircraft live fire training simulator using both kerosene and LPG liquid propane fuel for the fire scenarios.

The aircraft has a total of 13 external pressurised fuel fire scenario. They are located around the aircraft on the port and starboard sides and positioned in locations such as the engines, undercarriage, underwing fuel tank as well as the main fuselage of the aircraft.  The simulator benefits from a fire and safety control management that incorporates full electronic pilot ignition and flame recognition on all external fire scenarios.


The simulator was designed and manufactured in Alpine Metal Tech UK production facilities. It was then been delivered to site and installed. Managing Director Steve Fahey states ‘the whole process took place during 2020 and as such the UK teams faced many COVID-19 challenges but it is a credit to all of the employees that they remained diligent and safe during the period thus achieving the end result and the targets set by Airbus UK’.


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