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GEGA billet cutting equipment started up successfully at ARCELOR MITTAL ARGENTINA


Billet Cutting Equipment_GEGA_Alpine Metal Tech
Billet Cutting Equipment_GEGA_Alpine Metal Tech

Alpine Metal Tech has been awarded with the contract for supply and commissioning of 2 x 6-strands GEGA billet cutting machines by ARCELOR MITTAL ARGENTINA for their steel plant operating in Villa Constitución, Santa Fe, Argentina.

The 1st lot, consisting of 6 machines, has now successful been commissioned. The second lot is expected at next shut-down, scheduled for early 2024.

The machines are designed to handle 120 mm square materials up to a casting speed of 3,2 m/min (160 mm square @ 2,0 m/min), and are equipped with individual measuring rollers to monitor casting speed and determine cutting length. The gas control panel for six strands is equipped with individual AMT-GEGA regulators for gas and oxygen enables individual media adjustment. The machines are furnished with the patented GEGA-cutting nozzle type SHEL K 32F, which is designed to optimize material cutting and to reduce media consumption.

The design of electrical control system is based on a Siemens S7-hot redundant CPU ensuring continuous operation in case of any control failure. Each machine is controlled via an individual HMI-touch screen built into a control panel.

The scope is including 12 machines with individual measuring rollers, 2 gas control panels, 2 control and switchgear plants, media distribution piping, intermediate cabling and complete engineering for adaptation of new supporting structure into clients existing plant layout.

We thank our customer for constructive collaboration and all involved Alpine Metal Tech team for successful project realization.