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Automatic Shroud Manipulator successfully put into operation at SIJ Acroni


SM Shroud Manipulator
SM Shroud Manipulator

Alpine Metal Tech delivered a fully automatic shroud manipulator for the stainless steel slab caster in Jesenice, Slovenia.

The fully automatic shroud manipulator positions the shroud for casting and press with a predefined pressure against the ladle nozzle. Argon is used to flush the shroud, preventing a reaction between the liquid steel and oxygen.

Advantages of the automatic shroud manipulator:

  • Reduced ladle change times
  • Decreased operator time near the liquid steel area
  • Automatic cleaning of the shroud by oxygen shower
  • Automatic shroud exchange via coupling system and magazine

The manipulator was installed by AMT and Acroni technicians in a 3 weeks caster shut down and put into operation on 09. January 2024.

With the fully automatic shroud manipulator – AMT provides a major contribution for 'Menless production'."