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LT Leak Test Inspection

Casted aluminum parts like motor blocks, e-housings, gear boxes, oil reservoirs or battery housings have to fulfill special requirements in respect of leak tightness within the automotive industry. Full automated turnkey leak testing lines from Alpine Metal Tech ensure that all produced and delivered parts passing through are 100% approved.

Especially for motor blocks it is necessary to test independently different pressure rooms, e.g. pressure and pressure less oil circle, water cooling system and combustion chamber. Many years of experience and continuous development of special sealing materials and material handling to avoid mechanical contacts made Alpine Metal Tech a leading turnkey supplier of leak testing machines.
Modular engineering provides full flexibility to our customer. If more capacity is needed just add one more leak testing unit, if a new part design will be integrated just change the sealing unit with quick change-over system, if a new leak testing line needs to be integrated into a tight existing production line use our huge engineering experience and make it happen.
Of course, Alpine Metal Tech provides leak testing solutions for e-mobility and we are proud to be again front runner in this fast evolving technology.


  • Turnkey solution, one partner
  • Modular machine concept, easy extendable, fast integration of new types
  • Reliable leak testing system with high class components also for big volumes
  • Flexible data handling, tailor-made customer interfaces
  • Project management, engineering, software and in-house installation



Manuel Stix

Manuel Stix

Head of Business Unit Advanced Technology