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AMTinspect - Product Inspection

Alpine Metal Tech offers laser-based measurement systems under the AMTinspect product portfolio. These systems aim to improve the automation level of customer production systems, increase product accuracy/quality, and reduce waste.

AMTinspect CI is a coil inspection system that provides touchless product position and dimension determination, strap position detection, and coil disc and wrap investigation. The system delivers data, coil quality parameters, and automatically generated evaluation reports to operators or quality and line managers for analysis, optimization, and logistics control. Data is organized in a relational database and can also be stored in commonly used formats like .csv files for further investigation. After each measurement cycle, AMTinspect generates a customizable evaluation report with measurement figures, graphs, and coil parameters.

AMTinspect BD system detects residual burrs and verifies deburring processes for slabs, blooms and billets. It generates 3D surface maps of products using laser line profilers. The system evaluates surface topography and calculates product parameters, identifying burr quantity and dimension. Quality and line managers can access data and automatically generated reports for analysis, optimization, and logistics control. The system can also evaluate torch cut quality and other process parameters using 3D depth data.

AMTinspect PI measures plate contours to ensure that the final plate dimensions can be achieved after cutting scrap material at the edges. The system detects the head and tail end over the whole plate width with a dimensional accuracy of better than +/- 5mm for the width and > 0.1% for the length. The system also aims to improve finished plate marking processes and reduce crop waste through plate fitting algorithms and cutting line calculation. The system uses a sheet of light technology (laser triangulation) with a laser line projector and a camera to calculate the distance of the reflecting object from the laser line origin. A laser-doppler based velocimeter records the plate movement and triggers the triangulation sensors every millimeter. The system is water-cooled to prevent equipment damage and provide stable measuring conditions. AMTinspect PI provides data, plate quality parameters, and evaluation reports to operators or quality and line managers for analysis, optimization, and logistics control.


  • Data and evaluation reports for operators and quality managers 
  • Measurement systems are key data providers for improvement processes (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) 
  • Avoids waste of energy and production capacity



Markus Sternbauer

Markus Sternbauer

Head of Business Unit Steel