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CNC Vertikaldrehmaschine AW

The AW24-T4 series presents the latest development of Intermato especially designed for high-performance aluminum wheel machining.

It is a four axes CNC vertical lathe, equipped with two turrets for simultaneous machining of aluminum wheels. The AW24-T4 series is equipped with a full automated pallet change table, which significantly reduces the wheel-to-wheel cycle time. This machine version is mainly used for first wheel machining operation at big and complex wheels, but especially with the automated pallet change table it offers the opportunity to finish both turning operations (OP1 & OP2) at the same lathe. A second machine version, AW24-T4sp without pallet change table, is available and completes the AW series. It is mainly used for first and second operation and for pre-machining of special wheel designs for diamond cut. This new powerful vertical lathe generation is also the right machine for pre-machining at the flow forming process.
The AW series is capable to handle aluminum wheels up to 24" x 14" with perfect dimensional accuracy and surface quality. The direct-driven electro spindle offers a maximum power of 98 kW in S1, pared with an iron casted machine frame and cross slides. The AW24-T4 and AW24-T4sp high performance vertical lathes are the perfect choice for heavy, fast and continuous wheel machining.
All Intermato CNC lathes of the last generation are prepared to be integrated in fully automatic and random wheel machining lines, although the single machines can also be used in manual mode.

Ihre Vorteile:

  • Short chip to chip cycle time due to direct-driven electro spindle: 98 kW at S1 for fast acceleration and deceleration and heavy wheel machining
  • Easy maintenance: rational design of the plant for reduction of maintenance time
  • Compact design of the machine: low space required and easy positioning in the plant, chips conveyor position changeable acc. layout
  • High wheel quality: low machine vibrations lead to high surface quality and dimensional accuracy
  • High production flexibility: a pallet change table offers perfect set-up of individual machining line in accordance with customer production needs