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USAF South Korea awards contract to SIMULATION for the fire training mobile car simulator


Simulation Car Simulator

SIMULATION is pleased to announce that it has awarded a contract to supply new mobile fire training simulator to the United States Air Force, South Korea.


  • Mid-Size Stainless Steel Automobile mock-up;
  • Accessible from all four sides;
  • All Doors, Hood and Trunk are Functional;
  • Integrated stainless-steel burners;
  • To be used with the Flame Pilot Module;
  • Complete Shut Down in less than 5 seconds.
  • Operator control station
  • Programmable logic controller & Pilot and burner system
  • Burner management


  • Engine fire
  • Front seat fire & Rear seat fire
  • Trunk fire
  • Flammable liquid fire
  • Artificial smoke
  • Fires will be fuelled by LPG propane (vapour)
  • Propane will be supplied via 4 x 47kg propane bottles
  • All fires will have full electronic ignition and pilot flame supervision

The brand Simulation is the world’s leader in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of live fire training facilities. It is a part of the Alpine Metal Tech Group which is a world leader in four different business divisions (Steel, Automotive, Safety Services and Life Cycle Business) under seven brands (NUMTEC, GEGA, AMAKON, MAKRA, AMAKON, MAGNEMAG and SIMULATION) Visit for more information on any of our brands including SIMULATION.