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US Air Force - awards contract to Simulation for supply of a Helicopter and Vehicle Live Fire Training Simulator


Simulation is pleased to announce that US Air Force - awards a contract to Simulation for the Helicopter Live Fire Training simulator and Vehicle fire training simulator.

The Helicopter simulator design will replicate a UH-60 helicopter. It will be complete with fire control and safety management system, propane tank, trailer, and generator. The unit shall include stainless steel burners with selection for a fire scenario typically a cockpit fire, rear passenger area fire, wheel fire and engine fire. 

The Vehicle simulator will replicate mid-size car/automobile, the mock-up will be accessible from all four sides; have three separate fireplaces: front & rear passenger and engine fires. e; All doors, bonnets/ hood and boots/trunk will operate in a realistic manner. The unit will have an Integrated stainless-steel burner.

We wish to invite any customers considering the purchase of any type of live fire training simulator to contact us at any time and We would be pleased to invite you to our facility. We also wish to support any customer considering an upgrade, refurbishment or carry out planned preventative maintenance. We have a fully trained, certified and experienced design, manufacturing and maintenance teams at locations throughout the world.

The brand Simulation is the world’s leader in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of live fire training facilities. It is a part of the Alpine Metal Tech Group which is a world leader in four different business divisions (Steel, Automotive, Safety Services and Life Cycle Business) under seven brands (NUMTEC, GEGA, KNORR, MAKRA, AMAKON, MAGNEMAG and SIMULATION).