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The Mahoning County Career and Technical Centre, Ohio awards contract to Simulation for the new class A fire training prop


Simulation is pleased to announce that The Mahoning County Career and Technical Centre has awarded a contract to Simulation for a new class A fire training facility.

The training facility will have a two-level fire training complex with a ground floor burn room housing a carbonaceous crib. The burn room will be lined with high performance insulation and secondary sacrificial steel lining plates. The unit will have a temperature monitoring and data logging system. There will be multiple internal and external doors with access to the training tower. The overall dimensions will be 40ft long x 8’6’’ wide plus a 40’ high training tower.

For any customer considering new simulator, the repair, upgrade or replacement of any live fire training simulator then please contact us and we would be pleased to visit you and discuss your requirements. Email:

The brand SIMULATION is the world’s leader in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of live fire training facilities. It is a part of the Alpine Metal Tech Group which is a world leader in four different business divisions (Steel, Automotive, Safety Services and Life Cycle Business) under seven brands (NUMTEC, GEGA, KNORR, MAKRA, AMAKON, MAGNEMAG and SIMULATION.