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The Federal Aviation Authority of Nigeria awarded SIMULATION with the contract for the provision of an LPG aircraft live fire training simulator


SIMULATION is proud to announce that Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria has awarded the contract to SIMULATION to design, build and maintain a new multi-purpose LPG fuelled aircraft fire training simulator.

The simulator will be installed at the National College of Aviation Technology in Zaira. The fire training simulator will be a hybrid and will represent features of an A320, B737, CRJ900 and a Dash 8 aircraft.

The aircraft will have 13 external LPG fires, 5 internal LPG vapour fires and external LPG fuel spills. The simulator will be delivered to the customer in April 2019.

The brand SIMULATION is the world´s leader in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of live fire training facilities. It is a part of the Alpine Metal Tech Group which is a technology leader in four different business divisions (Steel, Automotive, Safety Services and Life Cycle Business) under seven brands (NUMTEC, GEGA, KNORR, MAKRA, AMAKON, MAGNEMAG and SIMULATION).

For any customer considering the repair, upgrade or replacement of any live fire training simulator then please contact us and we would be pleased to visit you and discuss your requirements.

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