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SIMULATION - Dash 8 Landing Gear Fire Simulator


SIMULATION´s diverse product portfolio includes the special landing gear fire scenario Dash 8 (Q400), which gives firefighters at a mid-size airport the opportunity to train in a realistic environment representing an aircraft that is common to their airport.

In addition to the landing gear, the engine and wing can be ignited to produce different levels of intensity and complexity to the suppression scenario. On the other wing, an Airbus A320 configuration offers a completely different set of challenges. All fires can be LPG or Jet A-1 fuel fed or a combination of both.

The brand SIMULATION is a world leader in the provision of live fire training facilities and part of the Alpine Metal Tech Group, which is a world market leader operating in four different business divisions (Steel, Automotive, Safety Services and Life Cycle Business) under seven brands (NUMTEC, GEGA, KNORR, MAKRA, AMAKON, MAGNEMAG, SIMULATION).