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MX/PU - Punch Marking

The punch marking machine was developed for the permanent marking of steel products in rough steelworks. Marking can vary in a variety of fonts and number of lines.

The machine is available with electromagnetic and pneumatically operated stamping units. The marking unit is available as a stand-alone variant or in combination with other marking technologies (color and / or edge marking). The complete system consists of standardized modules. All electrical and mechanical machine components were specially developed and tested for use in the steel industry, which is why the system is characterized by high reliability and low maintenance.

Temperature range -30 - 1,100 ° C

Alphanumeric characters, classification symbols and logos, character size 6 - 60 mm

Penetration 0.2 - 0.4 mm up to 700 HB

Marking: needle / pin


Electro-magnetic punch marking:

The drive - with stepper motors - enables the stamps to move in an X-Y coordinate system and thus generate the characters.


Pneumatic punch marking:

Depending on the marking direction, the marking head is aligned at a certain angle. By moving the marking head and the product to be marked, the marking is generated in one movement.

The machine can be controlled via various PLCs (customer specification) and has a standard interface for customer control.

Your advantages:

  • Real permanent marking due to high indentation depth
  • Low overall power consumption
  • Long-life punching pins


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