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MD120 - Inline distortion and roundness measurement

The NUMTEC MD120 measurement machine will be used for 100% distortion monitoring of cast alloy wheels directly after the casting process or after the heat treatment process.

The machine is built as Inline-type machine therefore no external loading or unloading process is necessary. MD120 is equipped with 2 laser sensors. The measurement of the design side of the alloy wheels is done with a special laser sensor moving across the wheel mounted on a XY axis. The laser measurement mainly takes place at the front side clamping flange (= area for clamping at 1st. OP) and at the hub float area. Additionally the roundness of the inside of the casting wheel will be measured with the 2nd laser. After succeeded measurement the laser moves down under the conveyor and the wheel will be unloaded. Due to calculating of the middle point of the flange and the inside of the wheel. Conclusions to the foundry process can be drawn. With the NUMTEC MD120 you can assure that only wheels which are within tolerance will be sent to the machining cells. The analyses of all measurement data’s can be used to online monitor your production machines (casting lines, heat treatment lines). In combination with the NUMTEC wheel barcode system, all measurement results can be automatically linked to a mold number and an individual casting machine.

Your advantages:

  • Distortion measurement: Fully automatic laser measurement at the front side clamping flange and hub float.
  • Roundness measurement: Fully automatic laser measurement at the inside of the wheel
  • Middle point deviation for upper flange and inside diameter
  • Mixed / flexible production: The wheels can be feed in a chaotic / random order to the measurement machine
  • Trend analyses: All measurement results will be stored at the machine. All values can be used for automatic trend calculation and the projection of near future distortion values.
  • Fast payback time: Very fast payback time due to fully automatic production control and automatic detection of wheels out of tolerance. No further production steps on wheels already out of tolerance
  • Capacity increase: Due to the early separation of wheels which are out of tolerance, the following production machines do not waste production time on reject wheels.


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Josef Polzinger

Josef Polzinger

Sales Manager Automotive Require information