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CNC Vertical Lathe VTLF 120

Vertical Lathe for Rail Wheel repairing

The VTLF 120 is a CNC Vertical Lathe with fixed cross rail, a powerful main spindle with high power and torque and one vertical slide RAM type with square section. The machine is suitable for all turning operations that are needed in the wheel factory shop. It can be used for:

  • Finishing machining of railway wheels with strict machining tolerances, strict geometric accuracy and excellent quality of the machined surfaces
  • Complete full profiling of new solid wheels and other ring-shaped workpieces
  • Maintenance of railway wheels: The maintenance operation is supported by a specific software package, completely designed and developed in-house, capable of providing a friendly and easy-to-use working interface to the machine operator
  • Dimensional control in process for the machining performed on railway wheels, with automatic generation of the report containing the processing data

Your advantages:

  • Possible integration of C-Axis and live tools, in order to perform drilling and milling operation in one machine only
  • VTLF 120 can be equipped with a very comprehensive package of options such as, tool magazines from 16 to 60 positions, tool pre-setting, touch probe for dimensional measurement of the piece in the machine, system for tool integrity control
  • Machining of internal diameters of railway machine tire
  • User-friendly interface software for the repairing of wheels and brake disks


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