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RP110 / RP130 / RP140 / RP150 – Turning unit

With our turning unit you have the exact suitable version for any applications.

There are two important preconditions that the turning unit must meet:

  • NO vibration on the wheel during the rotation process: The wheel needs to be rotated such that it does not vibrate or shake.
  • Constant turning speed: The turning speed can vary, depending on the actual need, from 2 to 20 seconds but must be constantly the same speed.


Alpine Metal Tech offers a variety of turning units for best reading results:


  • Easy installation at running plants
  • No change on existing roller tables
  • Fast barcode reading


  • Take over to robot grippers
  • Wheel clamping during rotation
  • Precise angle positioning


  • Fast barcode reading
  • Low investment costs


  • Scanning head moves around the wheel 
  • Very fast barcode reading
  • No extra PLC system for turning necessary

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Raimund Parzmair

Raimund Parzmair

Product Manager Automotive Require information