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RTB - Radial impact test

The radial impact test is an additional version of the machine developed from collision and accident research.

This test is useful to prevent dents in the inner rim flange when small obstacles are driven over. Additionally, it can be used to test the stability of the wheel against breakage, for instance when driving through potholes and when driving over large obstacles. The wheel is attached to the elastically mounted receiving device. The drop carriage is lifted in to place by lifting spindle servo drive and linear measuring system into the firing position. The testing procedure is initiated by a pneumatic trigger mechanism after the fall protection is manually unlocked. Upon impact with the optional pressure monitored wheel and the rebound of the drop carriage, the carriage is mechanically locked in place so no further impact occurs in the test cycle, simulation one impact only.

Your advantages:

  • Certified test equipment supplier: The test machines from MAKRA are accepted by all German car manufacturers (BMW, AUDI, Daimler, Volkswagen, Porsche, ...) and for years now are continuously and successfully in use
  • Massive sized machine frame: A warp-resistant and robust machine frame guarantees consistent test results
  • User-friendly wheel support devices: All standard wheel sizes and mounting types can be tested with simple adjustments on either machine or wheel mounting device
  • Comprehensive application field: Different impact angle, impact plates / - wedges and drop weight variants are easily adjustable and interchangeable. Thereby all current impact and radial runout checks are performed on each test machine
  • Protection devices for safe testing process: Electronically secured safety doors and mechanical manually unlocking and electronically monitored guardrails protect the operator


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    Arndt Koch

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