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DHS - Sealing plug handling system

The sealing plug handling system is used for the fully automatic closing of the valve holes prior to testing in helium leak testing machines.

In the premium-quality production of aluminum wheels, a leak test with the rare gas helium constitutes the state of the art. As part of the preparation for the helium test, the predrilled valve holes must be closed. In order to get a reliable test result, it is important to press the sealing plugs into the valve holes with uniform and consistent pressure. The MAKRA sealing plug handling system replaces the manual process and therefore increases the process reliability of the helium leak test. The wheels are conveyed into the machine in random order. The system is equipped with a 3-D camera system that enables the precise detection and measurement of the valve hole position. New wheel types, independent of diameter and rim width, can run through the sealing plug handling system in random order without teach-in. The conveying system of the sealing plugs has a volume of approx. 4000 plugs and is therefore sufficient for a production time of approx. 10 hours. The machine separates the sealing plugs, picks them up with a specially designed gripper and closes the valve hole reliably and safely.

Your advantages:

  • Short cycle times: The average system capacity is 420 wheels per hour (17" wheel).
  • Chaotic production: In chaotic wheel production, different wheel sizes / wheel types / colors can be processed without presetting. Wheel data is not required.
  • Increase of operational safety: The constant press-in pressure reduces the error rate in the leak test.
  • Cost reduction through automation: Owing to the automation of a manual process, the sealing plug handling system yields considerable cost advantages.


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Arndt Koch

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