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MD760 - Compact inline wheel measurement

The MD760 is a compact wheel test system, designed for integration in aluminum wheel production.

In order to meet the rising demands for quality in wheel production, the test system is the best prerequisite for 100% testing of wheels in a wide range of machining states. A type detection with A-value differentiation for the selection of the wheel type-dependent test parameters is integrated in the infeed. Optionally, a data matrix code reading system can be connected that enables a clear assignment of the measurement data to the wheels.  The machine can test wheels between 14 and 24", completely mixed, without the need for retooling. The wheels are handled by a transfer carriage, which centers the wheels on the center of the cap and transports them on conveyors to the measuring module. There the wheel is placed on the respective measuring module for the intended test. The MD760 offers space for a measuring module for radial and axial runout measurement, center bore measurement or imbalance measurement. The measurement of the bolt holes can be combined with the wall thickness measurement. A marking by means of a punch point or a drilling unit with adjustable drilling depth limitation can be integrated on the radial and axial runout module. Depending on requirements, the wheels can also be marked using an inkjet printer or needle embossing. A label applicator for marking the match point is available for finished wheels. In order to decouple these marking options from the measurement, an additional runout area is added, which slightly extends the machine but does not affect the overall cycle. Due to its small size, the test system can be easily integrated into the production line. With a system capacity of approx. 5500 wheels per day very large production volumes can be tested. All measured data is collected and stored in a database.


MD760 modules:


  • Loading station
  • Design recognition, A-value measurement
  • Detection of rotational position
  • Optional: Data Matrix reader station


  • Radial and axial runout measurement
  • Rim width measurement
  • Harmonic calculation
  • Optional: match point marking


  • Bolt hole measurement
  • PCD diameter
  • Optional: checking cap jump


  • Wall thickness measurement


  • Center bore measurement


  • Dynamic unbalance measurement
  • Static unbalance measurement

Optional marking unit:

  • Inkjet marking
  • Pin marking
  • Needle marking
  • Label applicator (painted wheels)

Your advantages:

  • Inline test system: 100% check of all wheels before delivery
  • Safe transport of the wheels: Centering and transport via conveyors
  • Compact design: Type detection and measurement module in a compact design
  • Fast process integration: Short commissioning time owing to pre-tested overall system
  • Flexible use: Different tests at every stage of the manufacturing process


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        Raimund Parzmair

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