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MD140 - Inline distortion measurement

The MD140 distortion measuring machine is used for the 100% checking of aluminum wheels directly after the casting process or, alternatively, after heat treatment. 

The design as inline version eliminates the need for an additional loading and unloading process. Thus an effective and space-saving installation is made possible. Using a mobile laser sensor, the areas on the outside of the visible outboard flange (chucking area for OP1) and inside the hub area are measured and tested. With the integrated wheel detection and the option to set type-based limit values, optimal testing can be ensured even for chaotic feed. With the use of the MD140, only those wheels are transported to the machining lines that are within the preset limit values. The generated measurement data can be used for purposes of analysis and for making optimizations possible in the casting process. With the NUMTEC barcode, every measurement can be traced back to one mold and thus to a single casting system. In order to ensure identical test data in the case of multiple systems, the machines are networked with one another and the test data is compared.

Your advantages:

  • Distortion measurement: Fully automatic laser measurement on the outboard flange and in the hub area; additional sprue check possible, depending on the installation location
  • Chaotic production: Possible due to wheel-specific measurement programs; no need to retool the system
  • Trend analysis: Trend analyses of the casting and heat treatment process can be displayed by means of the data for production monitoring that is stored in the system.
  • Cost savings and capacity boost: Because NOK wheels are rejected at an early stage, no superfluous work steps are carried out on NOK wheels – capacities on downstream units are freed up.
  • NUMTEC barcode/camera system: Type detection with the NUMTEC barcode system or optional camera design detection




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Raimund Parzmair

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