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The AMT Group SB torch range is a benchmark product in cutting technology. With the inner workings of the torch well shielded against the environment, long operating cycles are made possible. AMT Gega nozzle holders can be maintained on site and with little efort by use of a special seat re-cutting tool. Water cooling of the nozzle holder itself increases the lifespan of the cutting nozzle even further.



The AMT Gega HOBS 1S torch is the technological counterpart to the AMT Gega HOT nozzle range. The fastest separation system in autogenous tech- nology, this sophisticated cutting system is based on a high pressure procedure. The HOBS 1S unit is designed for operation in the area of smelting works and impresses with a high level of robustness in daily steel works operation.



SBK type torches are specifcally designed for the mobile cutting system Corti. It shares its origin with the SB 500 F, however lacking the cooling jacket. The advantage of the SBK compared to the SB 500 F is a lighter design due to the missing parts of the cooling items and the cooling water itself. The same nozzles as in the SB 500 F can be used.



The manual cutting torches by AMT Gega are called SHBS or SHBA and difer in the angle of the nozzle holder. With the model S, the nozzle seat is straight on the torch axis, whereas the A variant shows a 90° cranking at the head. The area of use of this product is the emergency separation of slabs – strand situations and in manual cutting processes, and also heavy scrap cutting. A powder machine can be provided on request.



For your personal safety in the smelting works process, AMT Gega provides emergency cutting torches. This development impresses with a high level of robustness and reliability in emergency situations. As with many AMT Gega products, a large amount of additional equipment is available. This type of torch can be manufactured from1200 to 5000 mm.



This new design of the ignition burner is directly installed on the burner and enables exceptionally safe operation. This type of ignition burner can be ignited in any position. The fx position delivers signifcantly improved ignition reliability. 

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