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The SDS F series includes the most successful cutting nozzles of the AMT group. They impress with their high reliability and low media consumption in daily use in steel works. The high nozzle distance above the slab guarantees low wear and subsequently longer life span.



In the autogenous cutting process, conventional cutting technology reaches its limit with certain alloy compositions. This is where the AMT Gega SDS FP nozzle series comes into play. Combined with an AMT Gega powder system, this generation of nozzles succeeds in signifcantly expanding the limits of what is possible in alloy cutting. By adjusting the heating performance, an optimum powder fow is achieved.



The SDS FB series is a special application for plate cutting within the SDS family. Cut material thicknesses of 10 to 220 millimetres optimally with this distinct cutting nozzle. By adjusting the pre-heating, edge melting on the cutting surface is reduced.



The latest evolutionary stage in the AMT Gega nozzle series. Patented with quick cutting processes in the concast section in mind, for when the material is still hot. Signifcantly increased cutting speeds allow shorter cut zones with reduced fuel gas consumption and narrower cutting kerfs. Engineered to meet increasingly stringent safety regulations in steel works, this nozzle series guarantees a high model-related safety standard due to its application of post mix technology. The shrouded design ofers the additional the advantage of lower noise emissions and an extended lifespan.



This unique high-pressure oxygen series was specially developed for quick separation of the steel products from the strand and for high productivity during secondary slitting and sub-dividing operations. With regards to the crucial factor of cutting speed, the patented AMT Gega HOT nozzle assumes a leading role in global comparison, enabling siginifcantly shortened work cycles.



This conically sealing thick cutting nozzle is constructed for cutting thicknesses up to two metres. Due to its long, slim geometry, media turbulence is reduced, enabling precise cutting of high strength material.



Optimised for manual operation. Allows for uneven movements or changes to the nozzle distance during the cutting process. The rugged construction also makes this nozzle ideal for scrap cutting applications.



Especially designed for the hand scarfng process. Well protected against abrasive movements with reinforced wearing ring, allowing for a long lifespan. With its nozzle seat well anchored in the nozzle holder, the HFD 1F introduces an improved safety standard in the hand scarfing process.



Designed for the AMT Gega Scarfng Manipulator. The MBR 36 allows for a very fractional application, ofering unrivalled operational efciency. It was being specifcally designed for very low gas consumption in scarfng processes. Within its duty cycle, three separate assembly levels for scarfng are available. Switching between scarfing levels controls the scarfng range on the slab. 

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