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Offline-Torch Cutting Machines (Slitting / Cross Cutting)

GEGA torch cutting machines convince with high cutting quality as well as a solid and reliable design. The GEGA offline machines are suitable for a wide range of tasks, including re-squaring of slabs (perpendicular), slitting and cross cutting of work pieces, as well as cutting of scrap material.

Offline machines can be customised exactly to the customer requirements. For detection of the location and the dimensions of the work pieces, the machine is equipped with a special laser-measuring device. This measuring device permits very precise dimensions on the final products. Machines intended for simple subdivision of scrap material do not require this measuring device and the positioning of the torches is carried out manually at the operator panel. Depending on the requirements and tasks the offline machines can be carried out as a bridge or cantilever type and be equipped with several torches, in order to achieve the required production capacity.

The work piece will be positioned on the cutting grid by crane. The operator moves the sensors of the machine over the work piece, in order to determine the location and the dimensions. The desired cut and the final dimensions are selected in the software. The cutting process starts and the machine executes the specifications accurately. At the end of the cut, the machine can be moved directly to the next work piece by the operator and the finished product will be removed by the crane.

Your advantages:

  • Flexible – Cutting wildly differing material formats
  • Range of possible cuts – Re-squaring (perpendicular), slitting and subdividing
  • Precise cuts – Precise laser measurement as well as high quality drives (direct drives) and guides
  • Simple loading – Workpieces can be positioned freely on the cutting grid by the crane
  • Highest quality standard (ISO, CE)
  • Long lifetime
  • Sophisticated ergonomics 
  • High safety standards (according to EN14753)


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Daniel Werner

Daniel Werner

Head of Sales AMT Germany (GEGA, AMAKON) Require information